Posted on: December 28, 2011 1:14 pm

After much Thought

Months after digesting the Phillies collapse this year, I keep coming around to the same conclusion. I have to place it squarely on the shoulders of Cliff Lee. sure the bats went silent and the bullpen burped, but, Lee has to carry the torch for the Phillies abrupt stop in 2011's post season.

All the  moves the Phillies have made during the off season, have been to support a nucleus that will eventually win it all again in 2012. More big bats and live arms would be great, but to tear this team down would be a mistake. Keep the head cases out and bolster the roster with "lunch pail" players that will bring a renewed hunger back the club.

Rueben Amaro has spent the owner's money wisely. It will serve everyone well in the end. Prediction for 2012 (not going way out on a limb here) Phillies will win it all in 2012, wild card will come from the East, and the Cardinals will finish just ahead of the Astros in the Central.

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Posted on: February 28, 2010 4:06 am
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Dawn of 2010

Phils opened spring training with great optimism. A great concern this year is keeping the bullpen healthy. Brad Lidge has been given a clean bill of health from his two off season surgeries. J.C. Romero will throw off the mound for the first time this spring today, he says he feels great and has also been given the OK by team Dr.s. Jamie Moyer is feeling great and will be the favorite to regain his spot on the roster as the teams 5th starter.

Ryan Howard has dropped another 20 pounds and is in high gear, ready to start taking cuts from live pitching already in the early spring. Raul Ibanez is fully recovered from the nagging injuries that plagued him in last season's final months. Jimmy Rollins has high expectations for his new teamate Roy Halladay, and the squad, but, has pulled up just short of making any predictions for the 2010 campaign.

As always the Phillies will open the preseason with a scrimage game vs Florida State University.

Battles for bullpen spots and the teams fifth starter heading north should be this preseasons' hot topics and major concern area's. The regular "8" are set, the bench has been solidified, so there will only be a few roster spots up for grabs.

The Phightins are primed for a pennant "three-pete", and hopefully a rematch against the defending WS champion Yanks. Were the Phillies to win the NL pennant in 2010 they would be the first NL team to do so in 66 years. Go Phillies!

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