Posted on: December 28, 2011 1:14 pm

After much Thought

Months after digesting the Phillies collapse this year, I keep coming around to the same conclusion. I have to place it squarely on the shoulders of Cliff Lee. sure the bats went silent and the bullpen burped, but, Lee has to carry the torch for the Phillies abrupt stop in 2011's post season.

All the  moves the Phillies have made during the off season, have been to support a nucleus that will eventually win it all again in 2012. More big bats and live arms would be great, but to tear this team down would be a mistake. Keep the head cases out and bolster the roster with "lunch pail" players that will bring a renewed hunger back the club.

Rueben Amaro has spent the owner's money wisely. It will serve everyone well in the end. Prediction for 2012 (not going way out on a limb here) Phillies will win it all in 2012, wild card will come from the East, and the Cardinals will finish just ahead of the Astros in the Central.

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Posted on: April 13, 2009 6:24 am

Same Team, Same Pattern

 I wouldn't expect anything different from the Phillies this year, than what we saw last year. Not (of course) that is to say, is a bad thing, but they are showing the same tendencies, and patterns as last year. The veterans are a year wiser at the plate, they have always had trouble with getting big hits early against strong starting pitching. The big hits generally come late in games when the game is in the hands of the opposing teams bullpen.

I believe however, that the Phillies hitters realize this to a higher degree, and, are already showing more patience and disaplain at the dish. They know if they work their opponents starters into high pitch counts, no matter how dominating that starter my be against them on a particular day, they can and (historically) will feast on any team in the league's relief pitching. They are a veteran club now. They know when to turn on a pitch and drive it. They understand when just contact will produce the nesscessary results.

There will be no runaway in the NL East this year, and, most likely things will not be decided until late in September, but I look for the smarter, veteran Phillies ballclub to prevail in the long haul. Here's to looking foward to an exciting, edge of our seats summer. Go Phillies!

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