Posted on: September 23, 2008 2:28 pm

The State of MLB

MLB has gone through some crap in the past ten years or so. Screw the proof readers bay the way I don't care. Let me qualify myself first by saying that I am a baseball purist, take the DH, and instant replay and shove it! Baseball is #1 Football is #1A ... I work part time in a sporting goods store, anyone who thinks Football is bigger that base ball is a FOOL. But, thats not the point I'm trying to make here.

At the begining of the '08 season we had BONDS, we had STEROIDS, we had ESPN telling us that basesball was #2 in our hearts. BULLBLEEP. I'ts hard to "fix" a baseball game, let alone a whole darn season, But let me put this to you,

I'ts the last week of the season, the top four markets for basesball are hopping, attendence is WAY up, and baseball is alive and well in the good ole US.Any service man, businessman, or even a barfly, Could tell tell you whats going on the pennant races today!!!

Hats off to MLB, don't know what they did, but they did it right!

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